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Gall helpu pobl ifanc benderfynu ar eu dyfodol deimlo’n fwy o her nawr nac erioed. Ond peidiwch â phoeni, mae help ar gael, rydych chi wedi dod i’r lle iawn!

What support is available for apprentices?

Find out what additional support your child may be entitled to as an apprentice including support with travel costs, disabilities, help with applications and support for those with mental health issues.

How can I support my child with their career options?

Helping your child to decide their career path has it's challenges. We have some helpful advice for you...

What are degree apprenticeships?

Find out everything you need to know about degree apprenticeships including the pay, how to apply, how they work and more

What are Traineeships?

A traineeship is a work based educational training programme for 16-24 year olds that provides them with the valuable skills and experience to begin their career in a working environment.

What are Internships?

An internship is a fantastic opportunity for your child to gain some work experience in a field of interested that is offered by a company for a limited period of time.

What are Graduate Schemes?

A graduate scheme is similar to an apprenticeship but tailored by employers for recent graduates.

Understanding Finances for Higher Education

Higher education is a great way for your child to broaden and enhance their career opportunities; however this path often has financial implications. 


Here we have put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions...